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for most motorists, “parking a problem in long, drive around for half an hour near the destination embarrassing situations can’t find a parking space, believe that everybody is not strange. And “parking” cause “parking chaos” phenomenon, has become a major pain of the “city”. For this kind of phenomenon, most people would say, who let the Chinese more car parking space more less? But, according to the data according to the survey, China is about more than 37% of the parking space is in a state of idle half empty. For his “parking” experience and parking space in China market investigation, Allen Lew team was born to do a parking App idea, through the efforts of the team, “jack Bauer parking”, launched in June this year.

occupation airport parking reservation service opportunities of application

application of parking App on the market now is multifarious, product homogeneity is very serious, if you want to stand out in the same products, must have their own uniqueness. Jack Bauer parking choice, from the perspective of the airport parking, open up a new road. As is known to all, airport parking has two major problems, one is looking for a parking space is difficult, it is expensive. Jack Bauer parking from these two problems, and outside the airport parking lot, parking space booking service for car owners. Outside the airport parking lot of the average price in the 30-50 yuan/day, the cost of hundreds of dollars per day compared to airports, peripheral parking fees for car owners have demand still benefit a lot. Parking for cooperation in the parking lot, jack Bauer has established three standards: identity authentication, field certification, business license. The concrete use, there are near the airport parking demand drivers can reserve parking time in the App, choose a space in the parking lot, through alipay, WeChat way to complete the online payment. If the booking for a long time or for a long time in advance, you need to pay some deposit first.

“we hope that through cooperation and parking lot, help them to improve the utilization rate of the parking lot, improving the management of the airport parking lot.” Founder and CEO Allen Lew told hunting cloud network. Parking at the moment, jack Bauer has opened in hangzhou xiaoshan, the pudong district of Shanghai, nanjing lukou, guangzhou baiyun airport parking reservation eight service, cooperation more than hundred parking lot.

surrounded by “airport city” road, unafraid to similar competing goods

at present, the “urban parking” on the App service has not been opened and is expected to start in September. Allen Lew said the previous or from the airport parking, accumulated a certain number of users, their booking habits, like rural areas to encircle the cities, jack Bauer parking choice surrounded the city from the airport. Downtown parking service or will go from the scene, guide the user through price means and information transparency level to park your car to a little bit far from the city proper, rather than a parking space has reached saturation state.

“now on the market many parking App offer data is not accurate, but also focus on the core”, Allen Lew told hunting cloud network, “the biggest advantage of our 100% of the information is accurate, 100% to ensure that the parking space.” According to hunt cloud network observation, most parking the App on the market are from mining data, such as easy parking, parking, appropriate parking and so on, the information model is no guarantee that the issues that led to the evident information really accurate. Jack Bauer parking is so confident, because they are not cover all the parking information, but from the parking lot of a larger, and the utilization rate of the parking lot is not saturated, 20% to 30% spare parking space resources, controls the parking information from the source. Its main reservation mode and also most parking application mode of instant, reservation mode can more accurately determine the parking information. In addition to the data from mining mode of information, parking application class also includes “generation of mooring mode”, such as mooring, E generation all mooring, anchored the younger brother, etc.; Starting from the intelligent vehicle parking “tintin”, help parking automatic lock unlock and private car owners a taxi. For hardware control and valet parking, Allen Lew said the future will also consider to join, later will open individual parking space rental, parking space resources better to focus on jack Bauer parking platform, do a vertical parking application class.

jack Bauer parking “dream team”

Parking has four founders:

jack Bauer, founder and CEO Allen Lew, successive alibaba senior planning manager, more than 15 years work experience, is an expert in operations management in the field of the Internet; Zhang ying, co-founder, more than 10 years working experience in overseas, as too many Japanese companies, head of the company’s products and technology of science and technology, was alibaba senior director of product; Jin-cheng zhou, co-founder and CTO, a former UT, multinational companies such as MOTOROLA, technical manager and project director; Jiang Zhiyong, co-founder and CMO, 6 years experience in marketing. In addition, there is a UI designer – gu, above 5 years work experience, for more than 300 brands planning and design marketing website and App.

project started by founder self-raised funds, later will consider financing, will be mainly used for urban parking services and upgrade the product. At present, one of the biggest problem is because of the limitation of manpower, remote management is more difficult for outside the airport in hangzhou.