(text/Zhang Huiqian)

now many App has a points system, integral is a can move up more with fewer resources platform on the effects of the content, to improve the user activity and retained on the degree of leverage. But most of the company, regardless of size, typically do not invest too much energy and resources in this aspect, so a lot of App integral mall is almost useless. And the want to do, is a specialized integral mall services as the main content of the third party platform, hopes to help developers to boost App user activity.

xiao-liang Chen, founder of the original business is mobile Internet advertising channels, more understanding in this respect. He told hunting cloud network, begin from the end of 2013, the industry of the demographic dividend disappears, App access to the user’s cost is higher and higher, the developers put more energy in the ascending user activity, after communicate with many developers, we found that the integral system is the most effective way to stimulate the user activity. So consider doing service in integral mall is such a form of the third party platform.

the integral mall access cost is very low, do not need to install the SDK, docking as long as the two steps: 1. The service side docking API interface; 2. The client embedded integral mall h5 page. The user can choose according to their own style of interface skin, of course with the needs of customers, can also provide customized service. Mall on the prize is provided by the right, now there are more than 200 awards resources for developers to choose, are free sponsorship brands or manufacturer. Online, every day there are new products every week project activities, so that constantly updated content, improve quality, increase user participation interest, to attract more users. And improve users points for the participation of the key lies in the fact that will allow the user to realize the integral is valuable. This mainly depends on the lower points for threshold, few points can participate in small exchange, integral can exchange more large goods, to realize the integral system of positive cycle, really improve the user to participate in the activity. Xiao-liang Chen told hunting cloud network, small white users into active users, active users into loyal users, this is the goal of the mall do integral, also play a role in it.

in the rank of the App on the market at present, more than 15% with the butt joint cooperation, target is can achieve 40% 50% by the end of the year. From operating results, the platform has the average weekly retention rate of the App integral online mall in 50% – 60%, integral rate in 10% – 15%, far more than general App similar data. Classic case with market net, 91 pandas reading, spring rain doctors, easily Shared and so on.

is currently cooperate with App is completely free, unprofitable stage, at present only want to do a pure third-party platform, help developers to improve App user activity.

the core team a total of six people, their respective in such aspects as products, operations, technology, bd has years of experience and strong professional ability. Now in addition to the headquarters in hangzhou, and open a branch in Beijing, Shanghai, mainly in order to more convenient for resources docking, and add the size of the company is currently 80 people.

let against the dollar in July 2014 products online, in September the same year to complete the angel round, this year and Andrew bynum and co-win preA was pitched round, recently is preparing for A wheel.