“we do, is to put the product to B to C,” founder and COO HuangFuShanXin said, “Babel bird focused on notation, hope from bottom to top, content-based fight our way out.”

in April this year with the slogan “to make the communication more convenient the design”, draw with information technology co., LTD. Shanghai hatched Babel bird – a founded at the beginning of design management applications based on drawings. Babel bird for the user group of the initial position is a designer, but in practice research found that the market is not only a designer, more people have demand on and discuss the application of collaborative notation. Then, on July 15, the function of Babel bird will be refurbished for “communication” for most of the drawings and documents notation. New document notation function, for the document format or modification of the word, the discussion of Babel birds will take you to complete.

text annotations function in the offline content based collaborative real-time scene can get wide application. Babel bird operating mode is simple, manuscript or painting into the interface, can online communication with team and customer. Are discussed, based on the process of fully retained and record each iteration can keep file, efficient and have credentials. This for and agreement of the contract and discuss, and work life need document discussion of plate, largely eliminating the interview going back and forth across the time and energy consumption, direct succinctly everywhere notation to better complete the message.

founder told hunting cloud network, a lot of SAAS is based on the content of the project management, the alternative is strong. If go from top to bottom line, is that a team with the boss, for the boss to save 30 minutes, 10 minutes each employee waste, such work by comparison is inefficient. Is the only useful schedule management, but also a daily check it worthwhile. Babel bird doesn’t want to press the traditional business model to plan their own path, hope that through bottom-up way, that each one, and complete the work efficiently. You don’t have to download complete comments to the manuscripts of artwork, interaction time convenient way to complete the file.

Babel birds existing web, ios version, support WeChat share, QQ, sina weibo. Team members from Peking University founder, 11 is a technical personnel 12 people. Why would I want to be an app like this? In HuangFuShanXin at Peking University founder stage, the team is free, sometimes need to wait for team members to work overtime to very late time consultation to discuss problems together. Address far away from the office at that time, inconvenience to HuangFuShanXin, need such a Babel bird application to achieve anytime, anywhere can discuss convenient.

MolaSync team in another product, is set in real time or offline collaborative, recording, sharing, communication, writing, recording, cloud storage feature set in one, fully functional. HuangFuShanXin said: “MolaSync has been in constant construction is perfect, although now the user popularity far not reached the expectations of our ideal, but I don’t think this is a failed product. In my opinion, the future will appear such a was the application of the need to the general public.”

Babel birds may be in for MolaSync preparation of this step to achieve. According to their words, even if is small notation work, sometimes very blood to change many things.

project: Babel bird

company: Shanghai painting with information technology co., LTD.


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