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everyone has heard stories of mencius’s mother three times, for one thousand years, change is time, the constant is education. Will choose the neighborhood, pay will be friend. Students from grade one to three, now almost have a remediation project, specialized courses, to participate in the cake. Quality of good and evil people mixed up and tutoring industry, there is no guarantee that do not say, the teacher is good only by word of mouth, the most important thing is that, for a class to ride back and forth, heart tired and tired. As a n experienced person, we should all know students need is not just learning. In the past, present and future, never not only related to learning. All aspects in the process of studying will be a problem, parents and students considering this suggests that the problem involving education, pain points a lot of parents and students. adjacent t founder Li Cong caught one of these pain points – distance. For parents and students, class distance, is not beautiful, but painful.

adjacent division, main K12 extracurricular training education service platform. “Find good teachers is the user to open the adjacent t see the first sentence. To talk about division, we have to say about it – Li Cong, founder of the master of engineering, east China university of science and technology had world 500 strong market work experience, he is also a serial entrepreneur. Graduate students during the reading, traditional K12 training school, founded three years, the school did tens of millions of annual sales. Li Cong tell hunting cloud network: “along with the development of the Internet +, education industry is in transition, the market space of traditional education is more and more narrow, so I choose from offline to online.”

in January, Li Cong to plan for a business, in mid-may, the product is launched the first edition. From product launch to now, less than two months, division currently about 60000 downloads, has about 25000 registered users, accept orders for 1300 a, in the past three weeks, growth rate is around thirty percent. It is worth mentioning that the teacher certification teacher 860 people. About teacher certification, adjacent division has its own certification system, first of all, the teacher must have a teaching certificate; Second, it is strictly prohibited and evil people mixed up university student tutors and teachers in adjacent division; Third, have taught in public schools or large institutions for training experience of the teacher, must have three years of teaching experience. Meet the above three basic conditions, teachers pass adjacent to the division of the written examination and interview, to move into the platform of the adjacent division. The teacher’s problem is resolved, the next is the problem of students. Teacher regularly do offline promotions, such as holiday will and cinemas, cafes around training institutions cooperation, in the form of issuing coupons to promote teacher. At the same time, in neighboring teacher teachers also have their own source, this is part of a lot of student resources.

when teachers and students have the resources, service problem is particularly important. “we want on the basis of LBS, do S2C education service platform.” Li Cong said. So what is based on LBS S2C education service platform? In short, is based on the geographical position of teachers, with service to impress customers. Say first LBS, this service can solve the problem of the distance between the students and teachers, the user can in their own coordinates as the core, the screening of teacher resources, the closer the distance between students and the teacher. The S2C is service to users, so what is adjacent to the division of service? Li Cong said: “for example, the work of our teachers will be equipped with adjacent division, adjacent to the teacher have their own lesson plan, exercise books, etc., this is the most basic service adjacent division.” These details are greatly improved the adjacent product service.

in later versions, adjacent division will strengthen community function and activity near function, namely deepen the LBS and S2C service. Next month, adjacent division will be teachers with tools. In the future, and adjacent to build studio full-time teachers, reduce the number of part-time teachers, improve the user experience of service.

at present, teacher team a total of 30 people, the core team of two people. Responsible for technology, market, operation, etc. Next, the level of adjacent t want do of A round of funding.