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from April 23, 2014 to July 28, 2015, after 461 days, one plus phone finally from one plus one to the one plus two. 461 days in the long river of time may also not idle away one’s, but for the mobile industry seems to be too long. For 461 days, the smartphone competition degree to the next level, is a blood, but competition’s blood is still not able to withstand the curious follow steps.

as a step into the blood of one of the curious one plus a mobile phone. In the past 461 days. In this piece of blood has handed over a satisfactory answer: as a startup, in this 461 days, has been made on the item in the product one plus phone global sales of more than 1.5 million department performance; On the business became profitable; On product sales area, one plus mobile phones have logged in 36 countries and regions in the world, and overseas sales accounted for 60%; And the media to its science and technology evaluation is also a positive praise.

in 2014 to 2015 was so fierce competition with the bad environment, one plus the start-up can make such progress, no matter from which side, should be is to be classified as successful startup categories. One plus the path to success is worth now entrepreneurs to learn. So, in this also want to go back to see how one plus a mobile phone is such a success.

a, the forward-looking products

one plus mobile phone to make such progress, first of all is one plus the forward-looking products. One plus mobile phone industry development trends forward-looking handle, let one plus mobile generation through the 461 days of loneliness, resist the android smartphones regularly upgrading the flagship of the tide, make it to this day still can be recognised by consumers in the market.

the phone one plus 1 generation which launched in April 2014. For its launch at the start of one plus the phone is equipped with the industry’s top configuration – 5.5 inch screen, 1080 801 2.5 GHZ qualcomm Xiao dragon quad-core processors and 3 g super memory and front rear 5000000 megapixel camera 13000000 megapixel camera. Not only that, but one plus phone is before 4 g popular tide, makes its support for the mobile, unicom’s 4 g network. In contrast, millet 4 (July 2014) at the beginning of the sale does not support unicom 4 g networks. Millet Note released in January 2015 the standard version, is still in its main hardware configuration and a mobile phone 1 generation almost flat.

so now reviewing one plus 1 generation mobile phone, you will find it an accurate control of the hardware industry development and the development trend of the 4 g network. Also because of accurate control, make one plus 1 with cell phones can not an anachronism in this 461 days, there is no obvious functional defects flaw, it makes it resist from 2014 to 2015, each with the challenges of the price level of the flagship model.

2, good sales strategy

one plus mobile phone on the choice of product sales area, not like other domestic mobile phone entrepreneurs secure mobile phone sales area in the domestic market, but in a phone at the beginning of the product sales, will it towards the internationalization. If it be from sales distribution proportion, can say one plus a mobile phone is chose to overseas sales, domestic sales subsidiary sales strategy. And this kind of sales strategy, can be said to be very smart.

it first to a certain extent is skillfully avoided the worst domestic price war to fight, let a mobile phone can get more profits. One plus mobile phone sales regions in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, known as, European and American market, due to factors such as patent protection mechanism of perfect, in the domestic mobile phone brand, access to players in addition to huawei, zte, alcatel, few other, thus cleverly avoid the domestic price war to the Internet the most mobile phone brand. While international brands such as samsung, NOKIA, HTC, LG, SONY, etc., by contrast, with the level of cell phone and on the ratio of whitewash. Foreigners are, after all, love value.

second, one plus mobile phone customers by Europe and the United States, in Europe and America market success, has improved to some extent a mobile power in the eyes of the domestic consumer, is conducive to a mobile phone moved toward high-end, also to some extent promote the one plus mobile home sales promotion. Can say one plus mobile phone use through the way of overseas circuitous combat of competitors.

three, skillfully by external force

one plus didn’t learn millet or old, before the hardware product release, to research and development to create a ROM belongs to their products. One plus is concentrate on what you are good at hardware. On the software is directly use has a higher reputation, by means of cooperation has been accepted by the masses of users, has a broad customer base system. To this end, a plus Color OS in the domestic use of the old club, in overseas cooperation with android third-party developers Cyanogen ROM, use the CM operating system.

use this way of cooperation, not only save one plus the family needed to develop a ROM valuable human, material and financial resources and more one plus saves valuable time cost, and make one plus mobile phone can be listed in advance. And, through the cooperation with mature system, also further reduce the collection product because the system imperfect factors lead to the risk of failure. Say one plus one generation is to use skillfully by external force, through cooperation took a shortcut to the right.

4, to find a suitable partner

one plus phone initially gives person’s feeling, is the “flower wall inside the wall sweet”. At home at that time is seldom hear the sound of the one plus phone, instead of at home are admired. One plus phone received, such as time magazine, “the wire”, “the guardian”, the Wall Street journal of overseas mainstream media such as praise. However this kind of praise, for always from the foreign media on domestic handset, is historic. And the media, also accelerated the one plus mobile phone original received in the overseas market consumers’ recognition and esteem, promoted his overseas success. But the main reason lies in these media praise one plus chose the thought in the overseas market strong partner, Cyanogen.

Cyanogen Bert also? Maybe you don’t know, but what such as amazon, Microsoft, samsung, companies such as yahoo and cooperation and thought about how to buy it. Maybe you for Cyanogen you should know. Cyanogen is acclaimed CyanogenMod (CM) behind the developer. Phone and one plus 1 generation in overseas sales of all system of mobile phone use is CM. Due to the CM has a high reputation in the overseas android users, has been accepted by the masses of users, and has a broad customer base. Add a mobile phone with the cooperation, make one plus overseas road went quite smoothly.

five, personalized custom services and thoughtful after-sales service

on personalized, one plus can be said to be the first began to explore in domestic products, launched a customized service, offers a variety of materials after the shell to choose from. Although the service, in my opinion is to imitate the Moto Maker, but when was the first time in China. That prompted one plus mobile phones have more hardcore. And one plus phone good after-sales service also caught more consumers. One plus mobile launch at the beginning, in the after sales policy, takes the lead in putting forward one plus mobile launch at the start of the service policy of X2, return is 15 days, 30 days for replacement. In after-sales service, one plus the response speed of the mobile phone is satisfying.

six, temperate have moral integrity marketing

when it comes to marketing, blunt said one plus mobile marketing done in fact is not good, but I still want to one plus mobile marketing point a praise. The reason is that “in order to promote their products in the domestic many manufacturers, open all sorts of illusory, all don’t know the hype of the bottom line, all sorts of fight war” no respect. Add a mobile phone can still resist the impetuous marketing atmosphere in the industry, do not blind mixed. To moderation, moral integrity, independent do yourself, make these nasty marketing habits don’t appear added a mobile phone. In the present impetuous atmosphere of marketing, this is valuable.


said one plus is an example to entrepreneurs, is not only one plus mobile generation of 1.5 million sets of sales performance, more is one plus the reasons behind the phone made the performance. One plus can achieve this result, we need to learn from him is: have the necessary product ‘forward-looking and global vision, to do their feet on the ground, when he has a failing, also have to learn to skillfully use outside, use cooperation to enhance their strength (of course, the premise is you have to find a really suitable for their own to partner); On marketing more want to learn to exercise restraint, resist the industry in the eye of impetuous, not let the marketing vice occupation.

in the end, or the one plus one plus two generation of published today in the new product related parameters: one plus two generation using customised version 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution screen; Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor + 3 gb of RAM, 16 gb ROM (high for 4 “gramm + 64 gb ROM); Pre – 500 w megapixel camera, rear 1300 w pixels the main lens, support OIS optical image stabilization + laser focus; The built-in 3300 mah lithium battery, support mobile unicom double card double 4 g. With front fingerprint identification, USB Type – C interface; Scene control three-step switch shell after personality customization and support.

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