note: hunting cloud beginning in 2010, Mr Costello after he received Twitter CEO, the former professional comedians, completely finished the transition from the stage to business, and continuously adjust to Twitter, however its comedy career made its totally different with other professional managers in silicon valley’s character and life style does not lead the company out of trouble. The following for the latest news from sina science and technology:

Beijing time June 12 hours of the morning news, Twitter announced Thursday that the CEO Dick Costello (Dick Costolo) to “class”. This suggests that after the IPO (initial public offering), Twitter seemed to lose their goals.

Twitter documents submitted to regulators on Thursday, says co-founder Jack Dorsey, (Jack Dorsey) will be on July 1st to succeed Mr Costello, as Twitter CEO temporarily, until Twitter to find a new CEO. Mr Costello in October 2010 was appointed CEO. Under his leadership, Twitter completed in November 2013, but the shares fell more than 50% since peaking in the.

dorsey as Twitter interim CEO shows that Twitter will focus on the optimization of products. Twitter’s new user growth weaker than expected, scale even emerging social applications, such as sets, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger over. All these 3 app rival Facebook from Twitter. Twitter’s AD service marketers have been widely accepted.

Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian visser (Brian Wieser) said: “many investors were disappointed. Twitter promised to promote growth, but failed to realize this promise.”

the announcement of the management personnel, Twitter on Thursday the U.S. stock market share prices had risen 13% in after-hours trading.

management changes

Costello, 51 years old, he had in the past year to overhaul, Twitter’s management team to replace the product and the project director and chief financial officer, moreover also away before the chief operating officer. These personnel changes, however, failed to bring faster growth. According to eMarketer, in digital advertising market size of $145 billion last year, Twitter share less than 1%, far below the 31% of the 31% of Google and Facebook.

many west now 38 years old, he was released in 2006 the first Twitter message. From 2011 to 2012, he had to return to Twitter is responsible for product development. However, he then pay more attention to digital Square, he is the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Twitter said: “many west very understand the product and the mission of Twitter, the leadership team also have a good relationship with Twitter, this will help to smooth the transition.” Mr Costello will remain as Twitter members of the board of directors.

Costello pay

according to bloomberg data, after the announced his resignation, Mr Costello gave up about $16 million in stock awards. According to the file on Thursday, Mr Costello would lose all on July 1, has not really get stock. In addition, Mr Costello have not received any resignation compensation.

due to Twitter ailing, many investors speculated that some large Internet companies could buy Twitter. Twitter has long investor Chris sarkar (Chris Sacca) said last week, Twitter “is very suitable for Google,” but he also urged Twitter optimization products and services.

in a conference call on Thursday, Mr Costello said that Twitter will continue to focus on the independent status. However, the board of directors will “carefully assess any bid”.

Twitter reiterated give performance review in April at the same time, the revenue of $470 million to $485 million in the second quarter. However, investors confidence in Twitter doesn’t have too big. Recently, Twitter revenue for the first time of Wall Street expectations.