the hunting cloud network substation successfully held in hangzhou on Saturday will enjoy private investors said series, about 100 entrepreneurs to participate in the event. The new issue of hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses will continue to hold in hangzhou station , the 28 entrepreneurship courses , will be 70 million assembling network CEO guo wei for entrepreneurs to share business experience.

100% assembling net is the first online human resources service platform, based on a deep understanding of industry and industry leading cloud + SaaS model, provide enterprises with social security and accumulation fund account set up online, online payment, tracking, query, online transfer and comprehensive social security services such as consulting, more personnel management platform of “assembling small honey” and “assembling tao tao” elastic welfare mall, from recruitment, induction, birthdays, holidays, SiLing, training, diversified welfare procurement and distribution and other one-stop online management of human resources services.

not only can effectively improve the HR management efficiency, to reduce the personnel cost, more can let the HR liberated from tedious transactional work, realize standardized and humanized management, enterprise can be fundamentally solved the problem such as hiring and employment, education, retention.

now assembling network service scope of social security has 400 + cities network covering the whole country, there are more than 2000 mses reached cooperation, such as China merchants bank, China and South Korea life, car every bits of bit and icahn ambassador, etc. On June 10, 2015, assembling net announced by chunghwa picture tubes, sequoia capital 70 million yuan A round financing.

the guest profile:
guo wei, assembling founder, CEO . The central university of finance and economics specialty, served as datang telecom, utstarcom. guo wei also is a continuous entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial experience:
Founded in 2009, zhejiang ding cluster technology limited technology co., LTD. (Taiwan Dlink)
Founded in 2011, hangzhou yi to capgemini technology co., LTD.
Founded in March 2014, hangzhou today yuan investment management co., LTD., hangzhou today yuan standard torque technology co., LTD.
Founded in May 2014, hangzhou today yuan jia and human resources co., LTD.
Founded in December 2014 yuan today network technology co., LTD.

host: hunting cloud network co-host: louer will

this guests: assembling founder, CEO of guo wei

this topic: entrepreneurship, we find the people to solve the problem together, do less “do more solution, prove the topic”


7 month 18 (Saturday)

location: hangzhou lake the Huang Gu mountain road 29 h high venture building, 4 f floor friend will be


friendship will meet line circle housekeeper tao activities bench media dreamworks idlers interconnected pushed the actor Internet activity tree salon has Internet participant guide solo music club penguin m, micro chain

limit number: 200 people (completely free)

attendees communication group of 90844125 QQ (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)

activity agenda:
13:30-14 point sign in
14-15 points Guest lecture
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – 16 PM free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system.

preferred registration way: in the following form to fill out the registration information, thank you ( note: don’t print the ticket, receive registration message on OK ) or send the registration information (including name, phone, email, company, position) to the 15686045193 (please send at least 3 hours before the beginning of the next activity)