lazy money today for tens of millions of A round of funding, the investor is reminiscent of jun lian capital investment company. Lazy rich network CEO TaoWeiJie said: “this round of financing will be used to expand the financial investment team, further study on large data information and brand promotion.”

lazy rich network officially launched in May 2014 operation, is a model of P2C Internet borrowing and investment banking services web site. The technical team from sogou, Internet technology companies such as baidu, ali; Financial team from institutions such as funds, mailed in funds owed.

it is known that lazy goods net current flagship product for treasure “lazy”, is YiKuan 8% annualized yield of current products. Lazy treasure security is mainly reflected in three aspects, one is asset allocation as the trust assets mortgage endowment of creditor’s rights; Secondly, the platform is not set up the pool, to make every sum of money trading and water transparency; 3 it is through the capital to a third party escrow payment platform, the platform with the user money.

“resolutely do not do escrow, no pool, ensure that every user has a separate capital account and cash flow information of a clear”, lazy rich network CEO TaoWeiJie said.

in addition to the above mentioned security issues, is also worth mentioning is lazy money network service function in seconds. Since the advent of the Internet financial product balance treasure, people’s recognition to the Internet banking gradually increased, the user can use flexibility plan their own money. Lazy rich network is put forward according to the second servicing functions by day servicing more than the balance of treasure can ensure that the user at any time in and out of the flexibility of the funds.

it is understood that the present stage lazy goods net 300000 registered users, users, including 15000 investment platform running capital of 400 million yuan. Early lazy goods net focuses more on the perfect product, the development of early at a slower pace also. Then put the emphasis on the product promotion.