(text/Yang Sihui)

in the concept of “sharing economy”, the interpersonal communication in business profits before from a Shared living space to the Shared carry spare capacity, a lift travel is becoming fit into the concept of Shared economy the next hot spot. “About car” is a platform based on LBS allows users to share the car seat.

“to take a taxi, car, car pool market, we see the data is less than 30% of the owners are willing to actively participate in carpooling, car to make money, more than 70% of the remaining owners don’t want to just to make money, to participate in, the more than 70% of the owners have a higher life needs or tastes, about car is tailored for them”. About car founder shi jie tell hunting cloud network.

car around the App launched more than 5 months, the current users 1 w +, 80% than the owner, on 8%. Product main functions are now a “near”, “car” about two modules, “near” based on LBS can be quickly found nearby. “Car” can enter travel address, platform will be completed car demand to broadcast about the car. At the same time, the owner can search around travel and make friends with people of travel demand.

about car, please according to the travel distance to calculate the gas mileage fee costs, passengers need to pay this part of the fee to the owner. “In a lift way, we hope that users can share each other industry information and life fun and make friends, real practice ‘green travel, sharing economy.” Ding wei said.

shi jie thought, according to the vehicle use frequency, “travel” should be in the first place, followed by parking, car wash, subsidy, etc. At present, about car travel around building and social platform, “car”, “date”, “the suburban travel”, “get”, and other functions will be launched in succession. When users after reaching a certain size, will gradually cut car finance and car after market services.

in the car pool market, “everyday use” is the earliest domestic car pool into software. In addition to build one-to-one social scene, drivers and passengers car every day, the owner is also trying to open industry circle circle, such as convenient to users in the online communication.

this June, drops fast on-line downwind car business, emphasis and social elements: take after the passengers and the owner can stick a “tag” evaluation each other, platform will later according to the label for the user matching label similar entourage, passengers and the owner will have the opportunity to meet more like-minded friends.

unlike taxis, special emphasis on profits, carpooling or about car more emphasis on social elements, in addition to carrying travel function, social trends also gradually revealed. “Around the car market after about social products are mostly limited to online social networking, offline social also is still in exploration or landing, this is our chance.” Ding wei said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, about car team a total of eight people, 6 people responsible for product research and development, the two people responsible for the operation and business. Initial capital for founder self-raised project financing plan prepares for the next. “Financing is important, but before that, we hope to do the products better.” Ding wei said.