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“we want to became the founder of the homodyne evaluation O2O industry rules.” Small kitchen, founder of chestnut tell hunting cloud network. Chestnut, secondary entrepreneur, was born of a cook family, in food and beverage management experience, because the concept problem in a O2O business after leaving office, based on his own experience, background, founded a small kitchen.

small kitchen is a professional hotel chef to provide users with private kitchen door to door service O2O platform, private kitchen door to door service mode has not what new things, hunting cloud network earlier reported “love chef”, “cooking rice is the main cook” door to door service, from the point of the whole operation mode, the innovation of the small kitchen is not particularly big. but small kitchen has a keyword – zero bad review, to achieve zero bad review in services, this is not a can easily achieve the goal, but it happened that want to challenge the impossible small kitchen.

so, how can you guarantee the absolute rate of single? To this, a small kitchen set up three times the risk that the establishment of a “bad review free of charge” mechanism. Specifically, in the process of return visit, the user can just cook service scores, out of 10, if user ratings under eight points, so a small kitchen will be free to do the same price item again, if the user to do is still not satisfied, again small hutch will refund the total cost. In addition to the “bad review no single” mechanism, screening of small kitchen to cook also have their own criteria: must be at least 7 years of single cooking experience hotel chef, chef certificate and health certificate. In considering the small kitchen for high-end consumer groups, and the characteristics of the door-to-door service industry, in addition to the demand for professional chefs, small kitchen to cook character, service details has its own appraisal mechanism. It is understood that the sign with small kitchen cook now has 230, dietitian 30, including full-time and part-time cook.

at present, a small kitchen support micro letter, App, phone orders, geared to the needs of individuals, families, businesses, industries, with special needs groups (such as sick, social welfare institutions, etc.) to provide services. From services for individuals, provided good cook four dish one soup with a price of 79 yuan, 129 yuan eight vegetables a soup, love chef’s price as a good cook, and in a small kitchen platform, five vegetables a soup price is 158 yuan, nine dish one soup, 258 yuan. Look from the price, small kitchen pricing is better than love chef, chef to be much higher, this peace on high standards of the cook, chestnut and tell hunting cloud network: “we will user positioning in the high-end crowd, and these people have an expectation for door-to-door service, high-profile chefs can guarantee a better user experience, to better achieve the user’s expectations.” In addition, for chef catering industry such as the frequent replacement of chefs, chefs are of variable quality problem, a small kitchen in the future for food and beverage industry will send chef, waiter, provide one-stop service, set up their own chef ecosystem.

from the door cook O2O platform, love had actually head chefs and cooks, walking on the market to expand more quickly, have a certain scale. In addition, some chefs, cooking meals and other similar competing goods, also gave a small kitchen Deus ex made certain obstacles. But from another point of view, love chef, good cook also exists the chef quality, service quality problem, if small kitchen can grab the opportunity, to provide high quality service, occupy a certain market share may be is not a difficult task. hunting cloud network understand, small kitchen mainly covers shenzhen, into guangzhou in September. Team plans to raise two million, is mainly used to expand the market and product research and development.