another year graduation season, the senior learn elder sister off the shelves in succession, in addition to a big Bob is near the little fresh good vision, it is urgent to find a job more stressed out. Statistics show that in 2015, our country has 7.49 million university graduates, growth in 220000 than in 2014, each year, called “the most difficult employment season has become old terrier, facts prove that” there is no the hardest only harder “. Black suit, thick resume, around the sea became the standard of the graduates, each big recruitment website and hot.

however, seen from the trend of development in recent years, chinahr losses, 51 job net profit fell, zhaopin difficult, retractor net second anniversary of the 800 million valuation but questioned the audio of the bubble, cooperated network to carry out the decentralized strategy adjustment, the Internet recruitment has ChengGongHai. The giant is struggling, the Internet recruitment business is not good. At the same time, the market segment of the vertical recruitment platform but have mushroomed constantly emerging, including street network, fresh graduates, monk, pockets of part-time internship, etc. Also pay close attention to campus recruitment. This suggests that the traditional pattern of recruitment website in crisis, markets expect niche subsoil.

to resume pattern can be broken


is a focus on college students and full-time internship recruitment platform, COO Ren Dongbai said product not profit center of gravity on the “resume”, this is mainly based on two reasons: on the one hand, see recruit hope through the depth of mining user data and the demand of the enterprise employer branding, by improving the efficiency of school recruit profitable. Students, on the other hand, the value of the resume itself with work experience is resume.

compared with competing products, the product has three highly differentiation:
1, to resume to apply for a job, locate tag. Job seekers don’t resume here, but to label position themselves, so that HR make fast accurate judgment. Tabbed self-image + big data intelligent matching position for delivery is no longer bother brain.

2, client + job recruitment client on-demand customization. App for mobile client, the effective use of fragmented time can be convenient for the user. Web version for client to facilitate processing of large amounts of fast input, considering that the PC is still the mainstream in the field of office, together with the school recruit large workload, companies use web version is undoubtedly the most economical solution.

3, feedback process tracking. the user can see the “delivery”, “view”, “appropriate” feedback process, such as a resume for a long time not see, can press “hurry” to remind the HR, so you don’t have to worry about Jane went out.

asked whether tabbed can achieve satisfactory accuracy, Ren Dongbai tell hunting cloud network, existing resume reading habit is actually HR with experience in your resume, screening of contents they are interested in, will see recruit effective information of the label, can greatly improve the efficiency of unit of choose and employ persons is screening, at the same time to show the advantage of students more clearly.

college students employment difficult

the traditional model of job way for students not friendly, deep pain points are the following several aspects: first, the school recruit costs. Enterprise is more and more campus recruitment as brand promotion behavior, rather than hiring behavior. Second, students lack of understanding of the needs of choose and employ persons. Students don’t know when you organize your resume which advantages to show itself. Again, the selection mechanism against job seekers. Due to a lack of students personalized display, enterprises only through schools, academic, professional, and even photo screening. Finally, the enterprise limited resources. Enterprise can in the limited space and time in the school, students move only according to the students gather together to apply for a job.

in general, college students faces several big weakness in job:

1, the lack of professional information precipitation

2, lack of professional endorsement

3, can’t write resume

4, limited access to information channels

since the value of a college students resume is relatively low, why see also focus on campus recruitment? Ren Dongbai think for the author of this problem: 1, the students obtain employment domain is a solution to the least, largest problems existed at the same time opportunity and huge space to grow up. 2 the number of fresh graduates, the future is still increasing year by year, every year 7 million rigid employment is the huge market demand, combined with the students employment demand is the strongest, it contains huge business opportunities. 3, in the reform action mode into the “view of” high low yield, pattern innovation to move markets “solution” for the enterprise, will undoubtedly have a huge commercial value.

cloud network hunting, see recruit IOS/android on July 15, and end at the same time online, existing companies registered users, 5000 registered users to nearly 10000 students. During the summer vacation to see recruit promotion activities are mainly concentrated in the online, will fall to the ground after school. The first phase of the ground for north shenzhen city, then to chengdu, hangzhou, xi ‘an, tianjin, xiamen, Qingdao and other major cities. Based on Internet companies for the acceptance of the new model and fitness is higher, the early position is focused on the Internet, will cover the whole industry in the future.

traditional recruitment do coolie work, free is a panacea for the market, and led Britain officially entered the Chinese market, based on the network business social or economic map into future trends, to meet you over the next five years without micro letter, add a professional IP is also not clear. Compared with the life circle, business networking can get more valuable information to precipitate, also facilitate unit of choose and employ persons is more solid understanding of the job seekers, this may be a direction for future development.

team, see recruit company was established in April this year, the team a total of 20 people. CEO Li Ziang was devoted to devoted to the VP technology, other core members mainly from baidu, netease, devoted to the stranger.

it is understood that the current see recruit has completed the angel round. Ren Dongbai tell hunting cloud network, the team’s current work focuses on product operation, no concrete plans A round of funding.