for myriad meat lovers, want to find the same taste of meat substitutes seemed hopeless. Those who want to develop the same kind of plants meat food company, should feel the same way.

now, for the sake of its long-term interests in the food industry, Google is also ready to thrust a foot. First, after the founder Sergey Brin beef cultivation plan () – try to make a burger with stem cells.

according to news doesn’t cut it, Google recently tried to buy, The company is working on a called “miracle Cheeseburger (The Impossible Cheeseburger)” veggie burger. Vegetarians tend to call it “rural burger”. Impossible to do is not just ordinary meat imitations, but the appearance, smell and taste are life-like cheeseburger.

according to their official website:

“we meat products from the molecular level to study, and then choose the specific from vegetables, seeds and grains, protein and nutrients to reconstruct the taste of meat and dairy products. To one thousand, we rely on the animal food, and now the technology can turn plants into meat, milk and eggs. Impossible Foods have discovered a better way.”

Google wants to do? A source says Google put forward the purchase price of $200 million to $300 million, but was refused.

no statement due to both parties, all this is not sure right now. But Impossible is not only a company aimed at a meat market.

the won a Bill Gates and Google CEO Tony Fadell angel investment company, there are a few other competitors, they also have a crush on the sustainable development and green healthy and humane vegetarian food market.

including Hampton Creek Foods, without milk and cookies mayonnaise, manufacturers; Modern Meadow, made from animal skins artificial meat; Beyond Meat, make chicken fillet with plant material.

the Impossible Food attract Google advantage? Perhaps, as its founder, former professor at Stanford university, a doctor and biochemist Patrick Brown says, is that it results caused by the foundation of science and technology has brought about.

Brown is Lyrical Foods”s Kite Hill, co-founder of brand, Kite Hill sell plants milk substitute.

anyway, after raising $75 million, Impossible to prepare financing again.

Impossible Foods cheeseburger is expected next year in food stores sell, of course, it also want to do other meat substitutes.


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