cloud network hunting note: throughout history, there is no a social change will be calm and smooth. People aspire to the status quo, but the need of society. The greater the resistance, the outbreak of the more surprising strength. As hundreds of years ago the industrial revolution, wash away the one thousand agricultural society. When people are fear of Shared economy and to resist, no matter what the result, a new era of the Internet revolution is quietly brewing.

the author for Stratechery Ben Thompson

have to admit that reality and Uber application these two are a perfect example of the current sharing economy. But the former – someone whose influence seems to be slightly inferior in Uber, especially in the eyes of the “critic”. Investigate its reason, I guess people think there are some differences between the driver and the principal: although Uber a taxi drivers are voluntary to provide services, Uber also reiterated their driver has to go free, but Uber ultimately control the taxi pricing and the income share of the driver. In view of this, not only do people begin to question the driver Uber exactly calculating do not calculate the company’s employees, has led to various rumors describe how a company valuations billions of squeezing the poor driver in most earn only a few dollars an hour.

in reality, it is more a win-win means: principal to earn the money, and the tenant is found with cheap price rather than a hotel and in a strange place to find accommodation for family atmosphere thick; Normally both. More importantly, both sides is very satisfied with this arrangement.

of course, the relationship between the principal and the tenant properties vary from person to person: if it is the hotel, more and more serious, the threat of realized an apparently they will accuse someone whose business hotel of joint is stealing their right. And reality, it is always in advocating the concept of “home”. Last summer, when announced their new brand and the enterprise mission, growing company’s founder and chief executive, Brian Chesky wrote in a businesslike manner:

2007 years, I and Joe to the first batch of an on guests opened our door. They have reserved a room, but it is far from ending only stay in a crude messy apartment as simple a few nights, they gain far more than these. We share with them the often go to the coffee shop and go to eat the most delicious tortilla here, when they are free to hang out with my friends together. At the moment, though they are in a foreign land, but not here. At the beginning just for the sake of convenience friends turn the idea of paying the rent now makes more sense to go farther, far beyond our expectations. But we realized that the an community than the original an brand is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. So I, Joe and Nate, the three of us spent the last year to profound reflection we did in the past. We ask ourselves, , what is our mission? an define what is perfect? the answer right in front of us. For a long time, people always put the an associated with rental housing. But, please remember the following words, an is home. Home is just a space, but home is everyone belongs. It is no matter where you can find a sense of belonging, just let us this global community has become so attractive. This is our company’s core philosophy: to create a sense of belonging.

there is part of the city, they also are very concerned about “home”, but in their eyes, the destroyer of reality is the home, with material interests to lure away the original tenant, landlord and then on an all-weather for rent. The biggest market in Paris, such as an in recent weeks on an unauthorized house raids. The Wall Street journal reported this as follows:

Paris, officials said in this city there are about 30000 a tourist apartment available for rent , this is 2% of all the houses in the city, but nearly two-thirds with illegal operations. an said this is the edge of the platform outside of a problem; Besides only 17% in addition to their main residence, the landlord said they also rent other apartment. However, how many without official authorization of rental housing we don’t know.

some hotel owners and other activists believe that all-weather tourism apartment there is a big problem. Laurent duke, is also President of the French hotel alliance, he retorted: it has long been out of the significance of Shared economy, but economic gross.

it is the last word, says the controversies surrounding “Shared economy” sweeping over the real reason: a less appropriate examples, and then take my own experience, obviously there are at least a significant number of business is the result of an own apartments and houses. In other words, to live in the professional cleaning cleaning of people in the room and almost never really drink coffee or eat tortillas, together with the landlord to go out to hang out, etc., although an established legend story described the experience extremely fascinating. All in all, as the French hotel association chairman say, “this is gross economy.” But, why gross?

the industrial revolution

I think, Chesky in his article refers to the industrial revolution, is worth pondering:

once upon a time, we always take it for granted that the sense of belonging. Big city is transformed by the small village. Everyone know each other, everyone has a place, is called home. In the last century, however, the sudden machinery industrial revolution has been thoroughly, this quiet, trust and belonging replaced by mass production and the team travel. We don’t trust strangers. Over time, we lose as a community should have meaning.

Chesky to focus on the journey, but actually what he said is nonsense. In the past, almost everyone on the land for a livelihood, usually live on land also does not belong to myself. Landowners and church control almost all of the cultivated land, for the benefit of the ruling class, commercial activity has been a constraint. Industrial revolution and the consequent thoroughly agricultural revolution overthrew the rule of the landlords and the church. Thanks to high efficiency technology such as spinning machine, the industrial revolution people can concentrate on the labor force into high-priced products and transactions, to gain more fulfilling than ever rich life.

there is no doubt that I am the earth-shaking changes of the past 150 years full of respect. In the end, I simply describe the job situation in the 18th century, people call it “professional” – boring, boring and overwork; This is similar to today’s Uber declared their driver as “entrepreneurs”. However, when you think of the past the taxi compensation system in the past the relationship between the landlords and the farmers have how similar in structure, why everyone is so eager to under the new boss is worse than in the past?

of course because of the rise of factories and accompanied by the terrible situation, finally has given rise to the emergence of the modern country under the rule of law. Child labor is forbidden, working time and the lowest work safety regulations implemented. Further, regulations have been widely used in domestic and foreign trade, and trade center and the factory around the city gradually forming, covers the management regulations of everyday life also follow.

it development inevitable: when Chesky wrote before the industrial revolution “everyone know each other,” the hidden the fact is everyone is very limited, people know and understand the people sharing the same idea, all in the same community groups. In this case, the management of dispensable, because people can self-discipline, to supervise each other. However, the rise of factories and cities made an impact on the power and the people together, expand the interpersonal communication opportunities; So the idea of sharing ceased to exist, because in the current which is dominated by the self-interest of share trading doesn’t exist, so the so-called self-discipline is also a purely utopian fantasy. We need management constraints, it is because in the current situation we cannot for self management and supervise each other.

reality and trust

think with exposure to intense curiosity, when I write this in fact, I was sitting in rented an apartment from the reality. Uploaded photos half-decent room, but underneath there is a lot of comments and feedback on said how unexpectedly this one-room apartment room is spacious and the traffic is very convenient, the fondness of praise. So I chose the apartment without hesitation. It as feedback: the apartment is very beautiful, I am very pleased to own choice. In addition, my family and I are carefully to keep the room clean, and efforts to make the room clean as beautiful as we moved in. On, of course, I trust someone whose photos and evaluation at the same time, the guest in the future will certainly see my feedback, and to take into consideration.

Chesky promises the kind of community groups is hard to say really exist; I haven’t seen during short rent our relet, and seems to also won’t meet in the future. I don’t know our sublessor favorite coffee shop, also don’t know where the tortilla good, the key is I totally did not feel at home. These aside, some obvious features is true: the idea of sharing and Shared responsibility. To interest my sublessor tries to provide a perfect accommodation, and I try to keep it perfect, have such ideas and responsible enough reality has been operating in good. Further by extension, compared with the traditional hotel, one of the advantages of reality is that the concept of an instilled trust first, then the brand imprint, so step by step.

this kind of commercial trust brings to the traditional hotel crisis far beyond your imagination: it is far from reality in a particular aspect more competitive so simple; On the contrary, the importance of “trust” has been unparalleled, and the landlord to the travelers. Relative to the typical homestay, might be a bit more inconvenient hotel is expensive and impersonal, but these are not big problem. In reality, travelers and sublessor undoubtedly also put trust in the top position. That is to say, the reality created by this trust platform for people, in fact, is not to say that your host family more trustworthy than the hotel; But the hotel has the trust of the traditional advantage by neutralization, host family to compete in the new dimension with the hotel, such as convenience, price and environmental factors and so on. Results it was found that the advantage of your host family is very obvious: once again to my personal experience, for example, I live in a converted the cell of elegant and comfortable room, around the very friendly neighbors, and pay a small fee.

the most makes me feel gratified that without an offer of accommodation I may not go on the journey. The high cost of live in the hotel not only, but also can’t let I really feel strange dribs and drabs in countries and cultures – sum up some details are you hard to realize in brand hotel. That is why these apartment caused the official statistics of such great difficulty: because I live in the apartment never entered the market, however, only a single room for less overall housing will have how much effect? And I just living here for a few weeks.

all these concerns can be applied to the Uber startups and other types of Shared economy: what makes these enterprises operate not just mobile access to the Internet, positioning data and other information we can think of; Equally important and systematic, and extended out of the commercialization of the trust. But one thing to be clear, the commercialization of trust is not a new concept: Ebay, on the basis of exploring to develop Internet business operations has an important contribution. It works as a result of the mobile end to join in the form of index: rapid development from application allows users to reserve hotel room at the last minute to make every city all over the world every room has the potential to be the application of accommodation apartment, we witnessed the progress all the way.

Internet revolution