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about a lot is a based on personal goal management, used to form a new social application. Already on the market and target management class App is different, more about the introduction of innovative mode of the deposit, the originator of target in the supervision and incentives, and friends to help users achieve their goals and expand your social circle.

a lot about the founder of Wu Long itself is running and reading hobby, but how to stick has been bothering him, and friends. Inspired by a chance find: self-control can ascend through interaction with others, positive encourage friends, is to improve the self-control, one of the driving force for achieving goals. Therefore, one can help yourself and users spread positive energy, expand the social new social application in the hands of the team is “a lot of about” was born.

around a lot through the main goal, promoters, participants and reward the combination of the four elements arranged to solve customer pain points. Specific process is established by the sponsors target, set up the corresponding deposit, and invite friends to supervise, the system will be done according to the originator targets show two things: one, achieve goals – return the deposit to the user; Second, the unfinished goals – return the deposit to friends. Wu Long tell hunting cloud network, more about product logic is simple, is through friends supervision + incentives to give the user the pressure, through the way of the game to help users achieve goals.

compared to the pure objective management or habits products, more about the core competitive power is that it contains rich elements, and design a variety of interesting interactive way; Make full use of the human nature of love, a motive force of the hypocrite, the pursuit of stimulation, help users achieve their goals and socialize. Especially about the deposit form, a lot can yet be regarded as a new mode of social products.

at present, a lot of new social should exist the problem of insufficient user viscosity, producing one of the reasons for this phenomenon is a social platform tend to aggregate interest users, rather than on aggregate demand of users. Wu Long think: social applications first is a tool, like WeChat, QQ to solve communication needs, social platform in the back. A lot about the goal is to solve the problem of people insist on hard, individual and group interaction, help individual development. When so many people gathered for a wide variety of goals, all kinds of resources, including money, ability, time, material flow can be on the platform, to form social appeal, to improve the user viscosity.

for more about the future development of Wu Long the planning from three aspects:

in the aspects of products: early will do simple style, such as A, B. Late social play will consider partial groups, such as A, B, C, D.

: in terms of the user in the product introduction period, a lot about hope through such as fitness, weight loss, learning interest on the basis of accurate promotion way to collect user to a wave of seeds.

in the aspects of business model: great about it is not going to profit, early accumulation of user groups, to attract users, by means of activity in the stream of people gathered late may consider from advertising, Internet, games, distribution and brand marketing cooperation financial products to transformation.

Wu Long convective cloud network, says a lot about the relative process product realization is longer, it was difficult to define time, participants, the user first USES threshold is higher, how to do it simple and easy to use, to attract users, to retain users is more about the next important issue to be resolved.

a lot about the founder Wu Long, cheung kong graduate school of EMBA11 grade graduation. Business for the first time in 2010, as I buy nets, wei, 500. com and other well-known Internet companies to build data platform, the construction of data analysis system. A lot about is the second time the Wu Long entrepreneurship, chairman and CEO. Products have been launched on July 16.

it is reported that a lot about have seed investment, investors for shenzhen colorful dream innovation works investment development co., LTD.