(text/Yin Zixuan)

believe that many people have experienced the pain of the screening of effective information from the vast rental information, also for expensive fees have a headache. In order to solve the pain points, many entrepreneurs to look into the “rental, find room” in this area, “a good rent” entrepreneurial teams is one of them.

about founded reason, founder Huang Zhenbao told hunting cloud network: “we know a lot about pain points in the sector, and on the Internet, hope that through the mobile Internet can efficiently solve these problems. Our partners also have apartment in the main, so from the beginning, to build a good platform for the house rent straight.”

a good rent is a landlord and tenant rent platform, can be divided into the landlord and tenant. The landlord of the target group is a professional landlord, or rental housing team and the company, they generally have a large number of houses. The landlord side has convenient housing landlord management and help the landlord quickly promote housing two functions. While the tenant edition includes searching function, build up close life circle and interact with the landlord. When the landlord side shows the landlord have any vacancies, the system line to the tenant at the meeting. Two clients according to different groups with different function, can better meet the needs of users. It is understood that the landlord side version of IOS, android version and web version is already online, and can also be found in the android market tenants. At present a good rent have covered the 200 + cities in China, 200 + the landlord.

Huang Zhenbao thinks, to rent for the landlord can solve the backward management style, low efficiency, promote the problems rely on 58, market network; And for tenants, it is hard to find a landlord and the intermediary of your problem.

now to rent the profit mainly comes from the intelligent water meter and the popularity of intelligent door locks, and through these two products, the landlord can more convenient and intelligent management of rental housing. And the future development, but is not limited to this to increase housing rent is to expand the guest, strive to build a landlord and tenant’s rent platform, this function has been reflected in the client to rent, but it remains to be perfect.

compared with 58, the classification of the market information such as website, can rent although not well compared to their users, but in the rental housing area of expertise, to rent the target group of more precise positioning.

there are a lot of effort to build let tenants through the landlord of the vertical product that rent a house, “” independent research and development of” my neighbor totoro “mediation recognition system can collect other rental intermediary information website, artificial screening and filtering, then make the tenant direct dialogue with landlord, has won HongTai fund ten million yuan angel round investment; “” main C2C + O2O mode, house advocate a landlord and tenant deals, service charge, and the launch of App3.0 version of” circle “looking for room service, people will find a room according to the classification, hobbies, profession, etc to better the user personality, hobbies and housing characteristics match; Early through the service for the landlord to provide access to resources, later on community O2O make money “, “14 years completed in September 4 million the angel financing, its rental platform will online. Compared with many competitors, to rent the client can be divided into the landlord and tenant, provide different services for different user groups, to build between the platform and has its own innovations, but the service charge and will improve the tenant rental cost. In this huge rental market, how many different platform development, find their own place, it is worth to think they are worth waiting for.

a good rent team is currently more than 50 people, the founder of Huang Zhenbao ever in huawei have years of experience, now as a good charter, head of the technologies and products; Co-founder has served in alibaba, currently responsible for technology and management. In addition, there is a has many years experience in sales marketing director and two product research and development.

it is understood that a good rent has obtained an angel investment in March this year, a new round of financing in the works.