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according to China Internet network information center CNNIC survey, at present China has more than 500 million mobile phone users, 600 billion hours each year from a surplus of time is spent on the phone, and mobile phone users get benefits in this period of time almost to zero. Light was caught it, see how the market blank, it wants to do, is to make people have time, through this period of surplus time to make money.

will be surplus resources into

surplus resources in today’s society, the success of the Uber is released through social operating vehicles will be surplus capacity. so light to do, is the time of release surplus social value. Users only need to move the fingers in light guest do some simple and interesting tasks, or on the subway to and from work, or waiting for someone in a short time, you can make money. this request sounds, quite tempting for ordinary people.

as an example, the other light appeared on such a task: go to the corner shop near their search for “ha ha C drive”, then follow the C drive this product photo upload. Results one day there will be thousands of users completed this task and won the prize in the form of a lottery. This is just a drop in the ocean, in the light, every day there are many small tasks such as user to complete, as long as the use of their surplus time to achieve the task, you can make money.

JinMing will tell hunting cloud network, the function of the light passenger is still more than that. Platform itself will be released to complete many tasks such as user, the user can also take the initiative to launch task, let everybody to help his legions. For example, a sister to attend the university entrance exam of boy want to sister encouraged, with $one hundred in task light on that let us send an encouraging message for his sister. There are more than two hundred users in just 10 minutes to participate. This otherwise may need to spend a great deal of manpower material resources, can light the guest in a relaxed way, which is just the light of potential.

, way of doing things will be the value of the surplus time escalation

if people put the fragments of the formerly used to brush brush weibo friends time transferred to the light on, it has attractive is originally was “waste” time can bring substantial wealth to the person now.

interview, light, the founder of JinMing will be confident of their products. He told hunting cloud network: “light passenger can help enterprise customers minimize operating costs, help individual customers with small cost to achieve a small dream and little thought. To launch the user to do something, this is the light from a core charm.”

in fact this pattern also belongs to the fragmentation gathered up the user’s surplus time. Surplus time can “discount”, not only can dig the huge potential. User individual fragmentally a surplus of time, but when a group of surplus time to be together to take advantage of, will have considerable value.

interview JinMing will also share his a new point of view, light passenger now have to create a new way of thinking, besides it can make the value of each man should have surplus time to produce, hope to be able to use it in the user’s appeal. For example: “if a hotel opening, we can call near hundreds of users to hold off? Such as a new product come out again, can you find ten thousand users to do for this new product?” If bonuses generous enough, enough users, so light will be a powerful force.”

at present the company’s core members, A total of 14 people, is now seeking A round of funding.