July 30 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

friends treasure 530 million yuan investment, the investor to the Carlyle group. Treasure is a vending machine operators.

winebibber net 500 million yuan G round people, wealth and other institutions and individuals jointly, jiuxian network has gradually formed the layout of the five major business sectors, respectively is alcoholic goods online retail, branding integrated services, instant service, Internet custom brand building, as well as online sale.

O2O yue bao car after car cool for 60 million yuan A round of funding. Yue bao car cool now set free car wash, car door maintenance, on-line maintenance fee, preferential car insurance, auto mall, illegal queries, etc.

Interface of

35 million RMB financing, investors in blue cursor. Interface is by the Shanghai newspaper to hony, guotai junan securities, haitong securities, millet made science and technology, qihoo 360, drow media’s original news website.

clean laundry angel investment 10 million yuan, the investor electricity for the people’s livelihood. Net net of the laundry is an online platform, users can through the net, online order WeChat laundry service.


right angel investment ten million yuan, the investor for geek vc and xishan angel will bond investors. Master right is one of the main “Internet + intellectual property” intellectual property service platform.

set for network grade must B rounds of financing, investment by CST and its chairman, Mr Shan double led. Set for network is a large agricultural e-commerce platform in China.

best raise remit back to angel investors’ capital. The raise hui is a China based on the “new three board” hatch type stakes in the raised platform.

new stocks by Pre – A round of funding, the amount of released temporarily not convenient, single investment from the sea. For it is a social platform of finance and economics.

foreign article:

code management web site making $250 million B round, including a number of well-known silicon valley venture capital investment. Lot was founded in 2008, Forrester called “Facebook” for developers.

Kareo won $55 million in financing, by the Montreux Equity Partners led, Silver Lake and Waterman, etc. Kareo is one of America’s for small clinics or medical institutions providing digital management tool.

AltspaceVR $10.3 million for A round of funding, investors including tencent, Dolby * Family Ventures such as investors, original and Comcast Ventures, the new investors. AltspaceVR headquarters is located in the California Redwood City, its goal is to carry the people in the social experience in the real world to virtual reality environment.

Foody C round of financing, from Tiger Global Management led. Investment will be used for Foody Foody in Indonesia, a new website. The construction of the id, and onePOS POS system development. Foody Vietnamese version of Yelp.

Livespace for investment, investors in silicon valley angel investors Gokul Rajaram. Livespace is a platform of home design and decoration from bangalore, India.

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