(text/Zhang Nanqian)


trust is a subsidiary of chengdu endpoint star technology products, mainly for the assignor of trust products and small investors provide a channel of information exchange, brokered transactions, transfer again.

there are financial management consciousness of the investors are more or less to the “trust” heard. Through years of development, the trust industry has become the second to the banking financial system, the trust financing has the characteristics of high yield, safety guaranteed. By the end of 2014, the trust surviving the scale of nearly 14 trillion yuan.

but due to the policy, the traditional trust only private, individual investors start to 100 , this limits the majority of individual investors, the trust has become a “mysterious and tall” industry. at the same time, the traditional trust industry transfer mechanism, the lack of a unified market customer transfer rely mainly on offline set way to meet the demand, this is largely limits the normal circulation of trust products.

is the vigorous development of the Internet financial year 2014, Internet users are gradually formed the habit of financial management, through the network terminal 51 trust team to seize the opportunity, since late 2014 in the process of 51 trust, product officially launched in April 25, 2015.

“trust holders of temporary cash not effectively meet the demand in the traditional trust industry, this is our and trust hope to solve the core issue for the general investors.” Founder Ye Yang convective cloud network said.

51 trust market the most attention is the transfer of stock trust products, so the asset source and audit issues is a top priority. Before the implementation of the transfer, 51 trust team will contact a financial adviser, widely collect information filtering audit, transfer agreement signed with the assignor, and transfer the registration formalities, note that this link platform as the buyer to buy the ownership of trust products (including usufruct), since then, the release and transfer of information on 51 trust again to transfer the usufruct of trust products to retail investors, ownership held by related to an agent.

in the entire product flow in the process of trading, and trust only provides information release, supervise the allocation of funds, such as service, not together also don’t contact client money. investors on 51 trust platform to purchase products, and coping can at any time to transfer, in the transfer market to buy the products also support the transfer again. This is also our key to build a function.” 51 trust products, said.

51 trust what other features?

low threshold, 1000 yuan investment, income linked to trust product;

security: security is higher, the product itself, moreover, the platform adopted according to regulation of escrow;

trading is convenient, liquid, mainly through and trust building mainly App .

Ye Yang to hunt, founder of the cloud network is introduced, different from general P2P platform, 51 trust products and trust products has the strict corresponding relation, does not directly provide financing services to individuals or enterprises, more will not melt. 51 according to understanding, trust and licences issued by the people’s bank pay pay yeepay establishment cooperation, paid by yeepay third-party escrow service for the platform, the platform does not contact customer funds, guarantee the customer funds from the system of special fund is special. In addition, the question of authenticity: and trust has commissioned national notarization institutions involved in the related documents for platform assets be notarized.

team is currently a total of 20 people, including 10 technical personnel. Ye Yang founder in 2005 graduated from China people’s university of finance and have service institutions such as the agricultural bank of China, sichuan trust. Another founder yu is a practicing lawyer, graduated from southwest university of political science and law, master of science in civil and commercial law, the law firm successively in chongqing, honest, chongqing international trust, and other institutions.

“we now have 3 m 4 thousands of registered users, accumulative total more than 8000 all transactions.” Ye Yang convective cloud network said. Profit model, 51 trust’s income comes mainly from the transfer of the fee and spread income. is now officially launched A round of funding.

(remark: Trust (Trust) is a special kind of property management system and legal act, but it is also a kind of financial system, banking, insurance, securities and Trust together constitute the modern financial system. Trust business is a kind of legal act on the basis of the credit, generally involves three parties, namely the input credit client, trusted by the trustee, and benefit from the beneficiary.)