note: hunting cloud mobile trend that many enterprises develop their App, of course, there are a large number of entrepreneurial projects, increased competition, however, allows the user to use the probability of App in the sharply reduced. This is not a good news to the entrepreneurs.

although smartphone applications download is still healthy, but many users often use one app and then unload the application at a time.

according to Localytics data, about a quarter of the application after the user USES a abandoned, this ratio is higher than 20% in 2014. In addition, users open a certain application is greater than or equal to 11 times the probability of only 34%, down from 39% in 2014.

gamers in open application once give up the application of probability is particularly high. It is obvious that popular game usually is the player to play games for a long time.

relative to foreign users in the United States, the United States the user to the application of loyalty is higher. In the us, by the user for many times to open the application of this year increased by 1%, to 42%. This may be due to a large number of advertising to attract users to open the installed applications. In the United States, only be opened once the application of 19%, flat compared with last year.

however, in the United States abroad, especially in China, the application is opened only once the probability is very high. In China, there are 37% of the application is opened only once, far higher than 26% in 2014.

Localytics thinks, appear such circumstance is due to various reasons. For example, the optimization of network users can download more games, and message platform micro letter.

Localytics said: “because of the many brands choose to use WeChat, rather than the development of native applications, and WeChat also in pioneering business services, so the necessity of other applications rapidly falling.”

here is the United States, China and the world within the scope of application user retention.