since early 2011, tencent launched after micro letter, a new mode of electricity was gestated quietly, finally formed today’s hottest “derivative”, broke the taobao, jingdong mall bosses “rule the world”. Wechat business development is “acquaintances economy”, it appears immediately after sweeping the circle of friends. But the corresponding also appeared some problems, first of all, a variety of masks, handmade soap was filled with people’s circle of friends, will inevitably cause the public antipathy; Second, a single store product drab, difficult to guarantee quality. Where is the future of wechat business? There will be a new model to solve the pain points? Hunting cloud network reported today in the 365 “pig” in a new business model to help you answer this question.

365 “pig” is an integration of suppliers, derivative, buyers resources of social entertainment network shopping platform. The platform can have many suppliers for free distribution, make it easy for users to have their own micro pave. The Web version will be launched from mid-july, the App will be launched in mid August, at the same time, the user can also sweep WeChat yards.

mobile electric current model with pain points

at present, mobile electricity mainly has two modes, one is micro store platform, platform set up shop on the seller, find their own buyers; The second is taobao & amp; Jingdong mode, sellers set up shop on the platform, relying on the platform for buyers. “Pig 365” founder Chen Min tell hunting cloud network, there exist two kinds of electricity mode limitation, first in micro store platform, sellers need to find buyers, including the quantity and quality of the products are all buyers fear; Second, taobao & amp; Jingdong mode, the supplier face high advertising costs, and simply buying and selling is not new.

pig 365 innovative thinking of

after an analysis of the overall market, “pig” 365 team spent a year, launched a new mobile business model. “Pig” 365 sellers users only need to complete the account registration will have a belongs to own small shop, platform automatically each supplier product distribution to all sellers shop. This pattern let each supplier have many distribution, and let each seller micro stores are equivalent to a “jingdong”, registered sellers do not need to do micro pave goods, only need to manage your own avatar, nickname, growth footprint to attract fans can, in the electrical business on the basis of added social function. Chen Min tell hunting cloud network, although each small shop goods platform by the uniform distribution, but to make every micro shop has its own orientation, the platform will be for the seller to set aside more than 20 gold units, for the seller to choose interested in your product, make the micro pave with its own characteristics.

“pig” 365 innovation model is embodied in three points. First, profits all publicly, “pig 365” platform goods in addition to price, will clearly marked goods profit, the profit are set by the supplier; Second, the buyers decided to sellers profit, divided into the tip for buyers and sellers rebate, buyers pull the slider “profits” can determine the distribution of the profits between the seller and the buyer, in order to guarantee the interests of the seller, platform provisions tip the seller shall not be less than 20% of the total profits; Third, who let who make money, like the pig shopping, not only for the goods, the more interesting is the “tao”, pig platform is not selling goods, each seller micro pave have all the goods, buyers to your favorite sellers for goods.

about the quality problem, Chen Min said, “pig” 365 platform all suppliers are brands, products have to pass strict review to come, and “pig 365” seven days without reason return, mandatory to all suppliers have objection to return by the platform first compensate pays.

logistics, users on “pig” 365 platform purchases are directly by the supplier to deliver goods, all goods the package mail (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

“pig” 365 profit points mainly in trading commissions, advertising, and other derivatives to make a profit. Chen Min said the transaction charge 3% of the total amount of trading commissions according to the suppliers; Sellers micro pave advertising is controlled by a unified platform, according to the development of the future, to determine the advertising charge, but you don’t see this as a major profit points; About other derived profit, such as pigs currency market, the seller ranking will gradually develops along with the development of the product.

“365” pig pig affiliated with Beijing technology co., LTD., the company was founded in 2015 on June 25, team is expanding, there are more than 10 people; Founder and CEO Chen Min accurate marketing partners, marketing experts, for dozens of companies to provide marketing consulting services, mine in hebei province for the first new three board listed companies, the design business model; Longteng, co-founder and COO, enterprise strategy and operation specialist, doctor of management; Ming-kuen wang, co-founder and CTO, with dispatch the original wireless r&d director, zcom r&d director.

this product has yet to financing, is expected to sell a 10% stake in obtain 5 million yuan angel rounds of financing, it is mainly used for product promotion and the normal operation of the company.