rent installment platform “installment” today announced A round of funding has won 35 million yuan, this round of funding from the source of capital and silver from well-known P2P platform. This also means that in the field of vc circle rushed warming rent installment, game unfolds has begun.

will stage was established in December 2014, and angels XiaoJun, 闫志峰, lee round peak angel investment. Since the beginning of creation, is engaged in the “stage” of business and services. Whether it is in the field of Internet + real estate, or industry’s capital sought after rent the apartment, “stage” is a service can fully meet user spot. “Installment” founder li lei said that from the “rent installment” products, can be faster and more light in the early stages of a customer acquisition, is also how entrepreneurs can quickly enter the industry.

will be used by installment, that is, through the platform security model. The user to select a good rental housing, can be conducted on will hire WeChat account personal rent installment application. Different bitter one user “and a pair of three”, on the will stage the user need only “and pay one”, namely the monthly payment of rent. The rest of the rent for the landlord directly by the “stage” platform, equivalent to the following every month, the user will be “installment” house money back that month again can.

so, “it will” do is staging an Internet financial business, so the risk control ability is also one of the most core elements of the investigation platform ability. And traditional financial risk control logic is not the same, the focus of the traditional financial risk control is to repay the ability and willingness to “people”, and will be staging is unique in that risk control on the basis of risk control “people”, also added to the audit of the building, namely, risk control “room”, even if the tenant defaults or does not pay, as long as the tenant vacating and competent for the building relet, can reduce the risk of the landlord’s empty rent, also let the landlord for rental housing has thought.

will stage the founder li lei said the funding will be mainly used for the installment service standardization, urban expansion and rich business unit. At the same time, will stage at present has already begun to urban expansion, is expected by the end of 10 cities.

according to its investors source of capital, Internet + real estate is a huge market and the soil, grow a unicorn company’s potential. And rental installment is a very sharp point, if they could be in the early days, through such pattern faster lighter customer acquisition, behind may want to space is very rich. Another silver attracts investors also said that in addition to the recognition stage mode and team, will provide better help and support on money.

in the future development direction, li lei said that “we will be in the next 1-2 years, through the urban sprawl, provide more fine service, to meet the needs of more urban crowd” rent installment “; More in the long run, we hope can hire can solve the problem of the rent of all, let everybody “rent” rich “to rent good house”, to upgrade the quality of life of the renters.

is staging daily orders in about 200 single, through this round of financing, orders is expected to exceed 1000 single is expected by the end of day.