these two years many stars parent-child reality show such as: “where dad” “dad came in from the” caused a lot of discussion about parent-child education, but in offline, parent-child education also ushered in the market and capital market of double peak season. Today day, children experience growth platform “Mr Tao parent-child” announced for walden led by open objects, the 40 million + RMB funds and succeed in A round of funding.

wheat tao holidaying in September 2014 in operation, with the online collaboration and central Europe, fudan, ntu, Peking University and other colleges and universities alumni circle of word of mouth to obtain a batch of seeds of users, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and nanjing five cities fall to the ground. For the market potential and Xie Zhen optimistic about the team and back in November 2014 open walden he signed A round of funding agreement with Mr Tao.

Michael tao founder, CEO Xie Zhen a solo dragon COO luxuriant turned into entrepreneurship , on his desk stood a photo of a family, your company’s logo design also become two people, loving family, he concludes: “ parent-child swimming should be seen as more education industry rather than the tourism industry. “, whether parents or for children to grow up is the two sides. When children travel so, meaningful activities and suitable playmates is more important than the “look”, both to meet the needs of the parents develop the children’s all-round development, but also meet the social needs of parents meet like-minded friends.


Michael tao released version 2.0 of the product for the first time “school of tong qu” , concentration of children aged between 3 and 12 years to build a series of characteristic course. First introduced by “new scout” and “public interest” as the basic course of the four major: professional – including astronomical observatory element, such as wild stargazing course; Archaeological professional – including KongLongGuan night, following academician field archaeological dig fossils such as course; Hotel – including the CEO professional cooking, etiquette, fire protection, market research and other courses; Outdoor exploration professional – including rock climbing, biking, camping, such as tropical rain forest through the course. Years in total is expected to open the ten professional, practice the education concept of “experiential growth”. Compared with the previous version of the product, the new version more consciously with the system on the education and professional.

open walden partner bill li analysis way: “ online travel market continues to increase, and has entered the stage of severe vertical and custom. And parent-child market is large enough, needs are not met. So, Michael tao based on the current mode, in order to “travel + education” crossover, have imagination space.

with the opening up of the country two-child policy, parent-child market is bound to usher in a new round of big heat. With 80, 90, became the new generation of parents, parents filial concept and a new set of parenting also have their own. The younger generation of parents love to play on his own love to learn, grow in playing with children is not better?